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"Thanks for a fantastic evening of musical fun. Our club members have requested a repeat session when you are available"

Hanwood Youth Club Organiser

"Well done, Melvin does not take part in many activites. He loved it"

Organiser - Shrewsbury Special Needs Club

"Thank you for your visit. You gave our members a much needed diversion with your junk music. We'd love to see you again some time"

Organiser - Shrewsbury Carers Group

"When are you doing this again? My son wants a drainpipe for his birthday"

Parent at Welshpool Fun Day

"Thank you for taking part in our celebrations. I've never seen so many Rainbows, Brownies and Guides playing buckets, bowls and drainpipes and making it sound like music"

Brown Owl - One World, One Beat 2010

"Thank you so much for two wonderful hours of music and laughs. It just proves that we are never too old to learn new skills. Did you know that one of our members is ninety two?"

The Cruckton 55 Group

"That was mint. I'm going to do this when I leave school"

Eight year old girl - Meole Brace, Big Free Maths and Science Day

"I didn't know that rubbish made all those sounds. What's that thing called?"

16 year old male - Children in Care